48 kW1 Standby Generator System
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The liquid cooled 35 kW1 standby generator system from Briggs & Stratton brings commercial-grade reliability to your home. A GM Vortec engine, the 35 kW1 is designed to handle any and all of the power needs in your large sized home without hesitation. Your family can continue living life uninterrupted during any power outage. Perfect for businesses, the 35kW1 Commercial Generator is designed for longer product life. Plus, it's backed by the most comprehensive unit warranty in the industry 5 year parts, labor & travel limited warranty.

Managed Whole House Power
Not all appliances are powered equally. Some, such as your central air conditioner, electric clothes dryer, electric stovetop, oven, or whirlpool tub, require a large amount of power to start up or operate properly.
The Symphony® II Power Management orchestrates these high-demand appliances with lower-demand items to give you true whole-house power with a smaller, more affordable generator.